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Business Etiquettes in Mozambique


As with common practice, prior appointments are recommended. A knowledge of Portuguese is normally necessary for business dealings, although there are translation facilities available in Maputo. January is the main holiday month, so this should be avoided for business trips.

Meting & Greeting

Titles are important, especially when dealing with members of the government. It is best to use a title plus the surname when calling someone by name and wait to be invited to call someone by their first name. Most common is “O Senhor” (Mr), “A Senhora” (Mrs/Ms).

Business Meeting

Business meetings rarely begin on time, however it is a good idea for a foreigner to be punctual. It is important to greet the most senior individuals first.

Small talk always precedes any formal conversations. It is appropriate to inquire about one's health, families, etc. before dealing with business.

The discussion usually begins with the person who initiated the meeting and the meeting is usually closed by the most senior person in the room.

Business Negotiation

In formal business negotiations it usually takes a long time to come to a decision and there is usually a lot of give and take.

Business Dressing

Clean well-ironed attire is important. For men, a suit or nice pants and collared shirt and tie is appropriate in most situations. Safari suits are advised for the hot season, while lightweight suits or jackets should be worn for the rest of the year.

As for women, a suit or a dress with a blazer is appropriate in most situations.

Business Cards

There is no set protocol with the giving and receiving of business cards but it is always advisable to give and receive cards with the right hand.





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