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Mozambique Immigration Information - Work Permit

Authorisation to employ foreign citizens is conditional upon confirmation by the Employment Centre of the National Institute of Employment and Professional Training that they possess the necessary academic or professional qualifications and that there are no Mozambican citizens, or an insufficient number, with the required qualifications.

Work permit requirements in Mozambique are lengthy and bureaucratic. The employment of foreigners requires the approval of the Ministry of Labour. Once the Ministry approves the application, a "DIRE," a work permit and identification card, is issued. This process can be lengthy; representation by a local lawyer, consulting firm, or individual familiar with the process will help facilitate obtaining a work permit.

The application for a work permit shall be lodged at the Provincial and Maputo City Delegations or the Employment Centres of the National Institute of Employment and Professional Training within thirty days before the activity begins, together with documentary evidence of the mandate conferred in terms of the company’s articles of association and the applicable law and an authorisation to conduct the activity in Mozambique issued by a competent authority.

The application shall contain:

• the name, headquarters and field of activity of the applicant;

• the identification of the foreign citizen to be employed, the category, function and tasks he or she will take up and the duration of the contract.

• The following shall be attached to the application:

• three copies of the employment contract;

• certificate of academic or technical-professional qualifications of the foreign worker to be employed or documentary evidence of his or her professional experience;

• opinion of the enterprise trade union committee.

The work permit is valid for a period of two years, which is renewable for a further two years or for the time remaining until the end of the mandate, upon presentation of documentary evidence of the mandate conferred by bodies empowered to do so under the articles of association, with regard to representatives of the employers.





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